Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Today I went to the mall with my cousin Melissa and I didn't intend to buy anything BUT you know when you go to the mall there is always something you see that you like lol SO Here are a few of my pick ups that I got today! Tell me what you all think :)

This is a romper that I got from Charlotte Russe for $14.40. I got the black belt to go around it because it looked way too plain, the belt was $6.99, and the necklace just made it pop! lol

I suppose the whole Sailor inspired look is big...I didn't get this because of that reason I just liked this shirt and the cardigan looks cute over it...with or without the cardigan it's nice. Both tops are from Charlotte Russe priced at $15.29 and $22.49 for the Cardigan

You all know I love tanks so this isn't something new lol I do live in FL! I got this from Express for $30...yeah I I smoking?

I got this shirt from Dillards for $10.80...nice dress shirt and I didn't have anything in my closet with this print on it!!

Earrings are from Charlotte Russe of course...2 for $8.00...I like to have a variety to choose from

This is the necklace I got to go with the romper...I just love all the charms on it! Charlotte Russe of course for $6.29

I just couldn't leave this shoes in that store today! Charlotte Russe as well...all shoes were Buy 1 get the second for 50% off....SOOOO the first pair were $13.49 and the second pair $26.99...

I'm trying to stay away from black shoes because I have so many so I went with the Camel color...I think they look better on than off lol Now remember, if you have a Charlotte Russe in your city you should be able to get a 10% Student Discount with your ID!

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