Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Blown Out Semi-Straight

Hey peeps! Last week I blew my hair out with the blow dryer and followed up with my flat iron to get a semi- straight look. With this Florida humidity there was no point in "trying" to get bone straight hair. To be honest, I don't even think my hair can ever be bone straight.

 So during that week I would put two strand twists or flat twists in my hair with flexirods to get a nice curly look. I could not use any water based products so all I used was my Mango Butter hair grease or Shea Butter! Here are pictures I took from the first day.

Now my hair is not this shiny in real life (I don't think), it's more flash from the camera. This was the first day done with flat twists and flexirods. When I hit the door it got bigger and more frizz. I still have the blown out look for my hair right now because I haven't felt like washing it. As for semi-straight...that is gone! I just wanted to share this look with you guys! Leave comments and let me know what you think.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Unleashing My Curls

I recently purchased the Curl Defining Creme by Organic Root Stimulator. We've all seen and heard about their new line Curls Unleashed. The product says it moisturizes and defines curls without shrinkage, and it can be used for styling or defining your curls. Check out some pictures:

Curls Unleashed

The following pictures were taken on the third day of this style. Now on the first day my hair was pretty wet when I used the creme. When I took the twists out on the first day, my hair wasn't defined as I wanted. So on the second night I spritzed my hair with water and used the creme and got these awesome results for the third day! Honestly, all twists out start to look like same to me regardless, of what product I use.

My hair wasn't stretched to the max, but it wasn't as shrunken as it would have been compared to other products I have used in the past. I got this on sale from Walgreens for $12.99. I love the consistency, I like the clean smell and I like how it left my hair feeling very soft and moisturized.

One of these days I'm going to use this product as a curl definer and share pictures with the results! Have any of you used the Curls Unleashed line? If so, what are your fave products from this line?

Sunday, September 2, 2012

I've been shoe shopping!

Can someone PLEASE tell me the last time I have done some shoe shopping!? Oh August lol. The last post I did on here was on the Suede, Royal Blue pumps by Jessica Simpson. I've been with Shoe Dazzle from the start and I must say they have been stepping it up this year! Last month they had this special where you get 3 items for $49.95! If you are signed up with Shoe Dazzle you know that 1 item is priced at $39.95 so you can't beat that!

Being that I love shoes, I couldn't pass up this opportunity to purchase more shoes that I will probably only wear twice in a year. I tried to get a dress, handbag and shoes but all the good stuff was gone! Check out the 3 shoes I purchased!

"Lyla" Nude

"Malina" Orange

"Cameo" Fuchsia 

Aren't they just lovely *sigh*, I picked all these shoes because I don't have any shoes in these colors or styles and I like to have different options. Now I have one more shoe to post :) I mean the name of my blog is sneaks and heelz :) My husband got me this pair for my birthday!

Air Jordan 4 Retro

Which are your fave pair? Leave a comment!

Protective Styling

Last month I decided to try a new protective hairstyle because like me, we all get tired of the twist outs, curly fros, and puffs. My hair also needs time to herself lol. I kept this style in for that entire week. Right now I'm thinking about doing mini twists but it takes FOREVER! Then I've been thinking about a sew-in or braids but I'm very apprehensive about spending over $50 on quality hair and that's not including the cost of paying a stylists to do it. So what is a girl to do! I have to make a choice! Well here are the pictures of my hairstyle with details.

The first day I blew my hair out because it's very hard to do neat flat twists on my tightly coiled hair. I used eco styler gel to complete the look. I can't braid to save my life but I can flat twist it up y'all! Now these pictures were taken on like the 4th day when I redid the twists. It was hard as hell to TRY to have straight parts lol. I like how it turned out and got some compliments :) Any easy protective styles that you guys do on your hair? Leave a comment so I can do some experimenting!