Sunday, September 2, 2012

I've been shoe shopping!

Can someone PLEASE tell me the last time I have done some shoe shopping!? Oh August lol. The last post I did on here was on the Suede, Royal Blue pumps by Jessica Simpson. I've been with Shoe Dazzle from the start and I must say they have been stepping it up this year! Last month they had this special where you get 3 items for $49.95! If you are signed up with Shoe Dazzle you know that 1 item is priced at $39.95 so you can't beat that!

Being that I love shoes, I couldn't pass up this opportunity to purchase more shoes that I will probably only wear twice in a year. I tried to get a dress, handbag and shoes but all the good stuff was gone! Check out the 3 shoes I purchased!

"Lyla" Nude

"Malina" Orange

"Cameo" Fuchsia 

Aren't they just lovely *sigh*, I picked all these shoes because I don't have any shoes in these colors or styles and I like to have different options. Now I have one more shoe to post :) I mean the name of my blog is sneaks and heelz :) My husband got me this pair for my birthday!

Air Jordan 4 Retro

Which are your fave pair? Leave a comment!

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Brit914 said...

my favorite ones are the Lyla Nude!