Sunday, September 2, 2012

Protective Styling

Last month I decided to try a new protective hairstyle because like me, we all get tired of the twist outs, curly fros, and puffs. My hair also needs time to herself lol. I kept this style in for that entire week. Right now I'm thinking about doing mini twists but it takes FOREVER! Then I've been thinking about a sew-in or braids but I'm very apprehensive about spending over $50 on quality hair and that's not including the cost of paying a stylists to do it. So what is a girl to do! I have to make a choice! Well here are the pictures of my hairstyle with details.

The first day I blew my hair out because it's very hard to do neat flat twists on my tightly coiled hair. I used eco styler gel to complete the look. I can't braid to save my life but I can flat twist it up y'all! Now these pictures were taken on like the 4th day when I redid the twists. It was hard as hell to TRY to have straight parts lol. I like how it turned out and got some compliments :) Any easy protective styles that you guys do on your hair? Leave a comment so I can do some experimenting!

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