Saturday, June 30, 2012

Recent Hairstyles

I wanted to share with you  all two different hairstyles that I've done or had done to my hair in the past 2 weeks! Here is the first style that I did with details. (you can click the pictures for a better view)

 This style was done on freshly washed hair while wet, with Eco Styler gel. I used the gel for the the flat twists on the side and on the two strand twists in the back with gray perm rods. I love how it turned out! Every other night I would just wet my hair and repeat what I did the first night. I've been thinking about buying foam setting lotion to do twist outs and other styles! I'm sure it will give good definition as well.

Now this next style was a quick style that a friend of mine did for me. She did a big french braid in the back and used perm rods in the front for a bit of hair that was left out. I wish the braid could have been more neat and defined. Maybe the next time I could do the back on blown out hair. If you can't braid like ME, a flat twist would also look cool. Here are the pictures.

For the back she used Eco Styler gel and CoCo Curls styling cream was used with the perm rods. Next time I get this style done I will blow out my hair first so it will look neat! What do you all think!?


Anonymous said...

Love them both!

Brit914 said...

Love the first one! I'm def gonna try it!