Saturday, June 2, 2012

Finger Coils

During my daily youtube exploration I came across a video with a girl doing finger coils on her natural hair. The video I watched was this one: Natural Hair Finger Coils Since her hair turned out so pretty I wanted to try it out for myself. The last time I tried finger coils had to be over a year ago. Here are my results:

When I did the coils it was done on freshly washed hair with Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave-In Conditioner, Vatika Oil, and Eco Styler gel. After an hour or two of completing the coils my hair was completely dry so I separated them. Final thoughts for myself? I didn't like it -_- Because my hair hasn't started growing down and it's still growing in an outward direction I didn't have the length and fullness like I wanted since my hair isn't thick. So I won't be doing coils any more...I did them really neat if I say so myself! Have you guys ever done finger coils? How did they turn out? I'd love to do them on someone else's hair though!


Sade' said...

I like it bruh!

Anonymous said...

Owww I like this!