Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cotton On

 I went to the mall recently and spotted a new store that just opened called Cotton On! Now this is my first time EVER hearing of this store so I went in and looked around and I must say they have great prices. If I didn'tcontrol myself I probably would have bought everything in the store lol. I just ended up getting a dress for $19.90 and a Cream colored Beanie for $6.90. Sooner or later I'll definitely be going back to get a few sweaters and cardigans because they had some very nice selections and they would match perfectly with the dress! As far as my pictures go, I put a pair of shoes that I own with the dress because those are some shoes that I would wear with it. Tell me what you all think! 

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Diva Sabrina said...

Yea i saw that store too but if you looked most of the pieces did not have cotton....i was disappointed