Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Twists and Curls

A couple of days ago I was browsing through some older posts on my blog and I came across a hair style that i did only once so I decided to do it again. What I did was put two strand twists in my hair and I also put rollers on it and just let it go :) I think it turned out pretty nice. After I did a deep conditioning on my hair I used my leave in by Giovanni and Lotta Body foam wrap lotion.Here are the results... Tell me what you all think

Check out this older post that I did of this hair style back in November:  http://sneaksnheelz.blogspot.com/2009/11/my-new-fave-style.html
Here are the small rollers

This is right after I took them out

Side view

Back view

Me :)


Anonymous said...

your hair is growing so much!!
i like it :)

Vibrant1 said...

Thank you Cris! Too bad my hair don't look as good as that day lol!