Friday, July 1, 2011

The take down

I finally took my twists out tonight! Yayyy! I did them on the 18th and kept them in until the 30th. That's the longest I have ever kept twists in my hair! Here are some before and after pictures so that you all can see the state of my twists before I took them out and what it looked like after.

This is the back view and as you can see my hair shrunk drastically!
The front of my hair gets messed up so bad! I actually redid the front over once since I had them in. On the last day I just pulled it back with a headband! I felt hopeless over the front.

Yay! It's all out!

I actually LOVE the way my hair looks out so I'm thinking that I may keep it like this until like Sunday. I am way overdue for a wash so we shall see! My plan is to do mini twists again in about 2 weeks but idk. Time will tell.

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