Thursday, July 16, 2009


I know it has been a while since my last post BUT I am back!! Well I am currently employed with a company and I have been there for a year and seven months. I thought about putting the name out but I won't, not at the moment. In the beginning I must say that this was like the dream job! Laid back, I get to deal with the public and meet new people and help with any problems they may have. Now it is getting to the point where I am unhappy because I feel unappreciated and I know my worth. I'm not some ignorant kid that's just looking for a quick pay check. My thing is I want to work for an honest company and quite frankly this company is totally the opposite....wait let me change that....some of the individuals running this company are the opposite. Let's start with a few of the events that have occurred while I have been there! I was once promoted to a managers position, but got demoted for no apparent reason because they decided to hire a thief, I've never been considered for a better position since then, I was robbed while closing the store and no security measures have been taken 7 months later to ensure that we are safer, commission is a damn joke, and most recently my hours have been cut to 20 hours a week when I averaged 35- 40 hours a week. Now with the managers position I don't mind so much not being the manager because I'm a student and 45 hours would be overwhelming for me. IT'S THE PRINCIPLE! I would have been okay if someone would have came to me and said Jasmine would you like to be the new manager and I declined, instead I got Jasmine here is your new manager. Then I understand it's a slow summer so cutting hours is necessary but when I'm the only employee with 20 hours I have a problem. Now the icing on the cake is when a District Manager said to someone that I needed to be more aggressive with me sells and if I don't do better I will be replaced O_0...Now that was certainly the wrong thing to say to me!! Every company wants their employees to do better and make more money (so they say) so the proper way is to ENCOURAGE them not THREATEN their job stability. I found that to be very offensive because I have no control over who buys what and when, I do my best and sell when the opportunity presents itself. When you threaten my position I don't take that lightly at all. I'm not just looking for a quick pay check. I have not been in College ever since 2005 with about 7 classes left until I have my Bachelor's to be treated this way. I know I am an asset to any company that chooses me to work for there company. I'm honest, loyal, I don't steal which is a rarity these days, I take my job seriously and I make sure things are done right the first time around. I have an excellent relationship with every single customer that I have came in contact with and I build on those relationships. I'm looking for a career, and a great salary. I have bills to pay and I'd like to save money for rainy days and be able to do something nice for myself, quite frankly this job is not satisfying those aspects of my life. I'm not going to quit because that's not who I am, I'm going to stick it out and continue to be the person I have always been until my time is up there.

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