Sunday, October 18, 2009

Law Abiding Citizen

So last night I went to see Law Abiding Citizen at Rave Theaters. At first I thought about going to see Couple's Retreat or The Stepfather but I wanted to see something that had suspense and wasn't too predictable! Law Abiding Citizen gave me exactly what I wanted! For those who don't know, the main characters are Clyde, which is played by Gerard Butler and Nick who is played by Jamie Foxx. Gerard Butler is a loving husband and father that loses his wife and young daughter in a horrible way. He hires Jamie Foxx as his lawyer to seek justice for the murder of his family. Gerard Butler doesn't agree with the decisions Jamie Foxx made nor does he agree with the justice system so he made it his mission to prove a very good point. This movie made me feel every emotion possible and I would pay to see it twice! I recommend everyone that hasn't already seen it to check it out.

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