Thursday, October 29, 2009

These boots were made for walking...

OMG! Today was like some much needed therapy for me. I FINALLY got some BOOTS!! YEAHHH BOIIIEEE haha! I haven't bought a pair of boots since 2005-2006. Crazy right? Well I went to Charlotte Russe today and got these boots for $42.99 plus an additional 10% off with a Student ID. If you are a student or you have a military ID you can get 10% off at Charlotte Russe! What I like most about these boots is that they can be worn long or short. I like both looks but the short look just does something to my soul! lol What's cool is that it's like having 2 shoes in one! It's definitely not cold here in Florida at all but I will still wear them lol...Maybe a cute dress! (I have a visual in my mind) I'm going to find a dress from this website and show you all what I'm talking about. So tell me what you guys think! Do you like these boots period? And do you prefer the folded look or the straight look?

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