Friday, November 13, 2009

I finally joined...

Guess what!? I finally joined A GYM!! Yayyyy Me!! I am so so so excited about this right now. I've been wanting to get in a gym for the longest so I can get in shape and get toned up! I also want to get working out on a daily basis in my system for the rest of my life! What better time to start than now? They have a special where it's $10.00 a month, NO CONTRACT and it's $29.00 Annually. You can't beat that right!! So if I were to move or if I wanted to cancel my membership all I would have to do is let them know 1-2 weeks in advanced and they cancel it! Planet Fitness just opened up a location in Port Saint Lucie, but the official grand opening is sometime in December. So when they open I will definitely be ready and motivated!

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