Thursday, December 31, 2009

Peace Out 2009!!

Earlier this morning I realized today is the last day in the year 2009! All I can say is WOW!! What a year 2009 was! It seems like it went by so fast for me. Of course every year has it's ups and downs for us all but I wouldn't change a thing about 2009. I learned a lot about myself and those around me, and I met some great people! OH my biggest change was when I chopped all my hair off lol I'm looking forward to 2010 because I have some HUGE life changing decisions to make as far as my education, possibly moving to another state, internships, and graduation. I'm excited, scared, and anxious lol. In 2010 I will continue to strive for the best and have more confidence in myself and what I can accomplish. I hope you all do the same and remember this for 2010 : "When you think things are going wrong, consider they may be going right for the first time." @thedailylove With that being said PEACE OUT 2009... What's good 2010!! HAHA

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