Sunday, December 6, 2009

Rihanna Rated R

Well it's another late night for me as usual!! I should be studying right now for my finals coming up this week BUT I needed to take a much needed music break :) This will be my second review on an album! I just had to pick the lovely Rihanna! I've been a fan of her since her first album Music of the Sun and trust she did not disappoint with Rated R. The three singles she currently has out for this album are Russian Roulette, The Wait is Ova, and Hard. These alone should let you know this album is AWESOME!! lol There is a total of 13 tracks ranging from the fun make ya wanna dance tracks to the love songs. What are my favorite songs? I'd have to go with Hard, Stupid in Love, Photographs, Rude boy, and Rockstar 101. That's damn near the whole album right?!? In all honesty you can just press play on your IPOD's, car stereo, computer, whatever and just ride out to every single track. No jokes!! If you don't have Rated R right now you are TOTALLY missing out!

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