Saturday, February 6, 2010

Something New Part 2

As I stated on my previous post I now have pictures! If I wasn't so lazy I would have put the clothes on so you all can see how they fit BUT that's too much work and I don't have anyone here to take the pictures for me...So here they are (for a closer view just click the pictures):

Low Rise Amber Boyfriend Jeans from Charlotte Russe (they stop above the ankles)

Dark Blue and White tanks from Charlotte Russe (I love tanks lol)

Floral Print tank from American Eagle

Stripped, 3/4 sleeve button up from Charlotte Russe...ties up in the back

Sequin tank from Charlotte Russe...idk what to do with this top I purchased it a minute ago...looks like a dress...I'll figure something out

Purple and White feather earrings from Charlotte Russe

Brown sandals from American Eagle and the Sailor rope sandals from Charlotte Russe

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So Tenacious said...

Chile boo, you better bust out some tights to wear with that Sequins shirt!