Tuesday, May 17, 2011

College Grads

Like myself and many of my friends, we are new College Grads stepping out into the real world! WOOO HOOO. It's time to make that huge salary, with all those awesome benefits RIGHT!?! Am I the only one who thought that as soon as I graduated I'd have my dream job by now with a starting salary of $40,000- $50,000 a year? Just me? lol

 I often asked myself is there something wrong with my resume? Could it be that speeding ticket from 2 years ago on my background? Is it because I was only on that one job for 4 months? MAN I DON'T HAVE THE EXPERIENCE! With the current state of the economy and job market and many other factors, it has been a crazy journey and I'm still not finished.

I currently work 2 part time jobs that I actually enjoy which I am very grateful for but this is totally not where I imagined I'd be at almost 25 years old.  I ask myself why didn't I do internships? Why didn't I volunteer any where while I was still in College? Well because I had to work a full time job that I couldn't take off for to take any internships. And guess what? I still got laid off. Isn't that funny? If your still a student and you don't have to work to pay bills, go for the internships and volunteer!

I know that God has a plan for me and nothing in my life has happened by mistake. I didn't study Business Admin. and Organizational Management for fun :) Right now I'm just going with the flow and remaining optimistic about my life because things could be worse. I've learned not to beat myself up and run myself mad with all these questions of why this and why that.

I'm standing on my faith and I know that I have favor in God and things will be just fine! I'm not giving up and I'm still doing what I need to do to get to where I want to be. I want you all to remember that too. We all have our seasons to shine.

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