Thursday, May 26, 2011

Transitioners REPOST

I did a blog dedicated to all my transitioners back in April 2010. I decided to repost those tips and add a few updates. These suggestions and all suggestions on my blog are great for ladies with relaxed hair as well! Again, if you all have any advice for ladies transitioning, or anyone looking for healthier hair, post a comment and I'll update this post with your name and suggestion!

Excuse my facial expression lol But this was a style while transitioning (Done with Flat Twists)

I have some family members and friends who are transitioning right now from relaxers to their natural hair. I'm sure they have many questions and don't even know where to start! So here I am guys! lol  Here are a few tips

~Depending on the type of style you have, deep condition your hair ONCE a week for 30 minutes to an hour with a plastic cap. You can sit under a hooded dryer or wrap a warm towel around head.

~Be tender with your hair & when you get frustrated with it, put it in a protective style & leave it alone! it'll be good for you & your hair. -Cris @

~Cater to your hair type ... trying products/styles/regimins& routines for naturals&transitioners with different hair types is NOT really going to help. work with YOUR hair and pay attention to what it likes, wants, needs!! -Cris 

~Never towel dry hair, it leaves your hair frizzy. Microfiber Towels are good to use. You can get these anywhere. 

~Be sure to purchase a satin bonnet, or scarf, or satin pillow case.

~Don't forget to get a wide tooth comb or denman brush to make combing and detangling easier.

~If you don't mind using shampoo, only use it depending the build up of different products on the scalp. Shampoo stripes the moisture from your hair leaving it feeling like a cotton ball. Look up Pre- Poo methods and sulfate free shampoos. 

~Stay away from excessive heat from flat ironing hair. Try not to do it daily. If so, look into getting a heat protectant. 

~If your styling your hair once a week be sure to condition hair before styling so that you can have fresh results. You should also follow up with a leave in conditioner.

~Invest in hair oils like olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, etc. there are tons to choose from! This is critical because the hair is most fragile at this stage. Be sure to oil your scalp and ends.

~Shea Butter is an awesome purchase as well.

~Pay attention to the ingredients in the products you buy. Toxic ingredients could be detrimental to your scalp and hair.

~Research hairstyles! You can wear braids, sew ins, do roller sets, bantu knots, twists, wigs, etc. You don't have to wear pony tails or resort to flat ironing your hair.

~Youtube and hair forums and blogs on transitioning are your friends! 

I really hope I touched basis on the most important things to remember! If I have not PLEASE ask questions so I can address them and if I left anything out please add! I hope this helps somebody! These tips also work for ladies with relaxers!

Thank you Cris over at for the extra tips!! Make sure you guys check out her awesome blog!

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