Saturday, October 15, 2011

New shoes!

I went to the mall today and FINALLY bought the Blue Suede Jessica Simpson platforms :) yayyy! I know I'm late and everybody seems to have a blue suede shoe but dang it I got them now! I'm now looking for a nice chocolate brown wedge sandal but they are just so hard to find! Okay tell me what you guys think!

I think I'm like 6'0 in these shoes :) Now I need to figure out what I'm going to wear with them. Any suggestions?


Cristine♥ said...

I REALLY LOVE THESE !!! & not just because I'm biased towards royal blue LOL! they are HOTT!
I'm going to have to post all of my recent shoe purchases so you can see, I know you'll appreciate them ;)

Vibrant1 said...

Thank youuu lol I love royal blue as well! I found an awesome skirt that will look GREAT with the shoes :) when it comes in the mail I'll do a post. I can't wait to see your shoe purchases lol you know I'll be thereee!