Saturday, October 22, 2011

Water Marble Nails Gone Wrong

Am I the only person that just discovered water marble nail art? While on youtube of course, I came across a tutorial on how to do designs by putting drops of nail polish in water then dipping your finger into the pattern. Looks and sounds easy right?  I was like owwww I have got to try this! Here is a video so you guys can get a visual:

So yeah I tried it and I followed the steps like they said and yeahhh it didn't look good to me (or anyone else except my Dad lol)  LOOK!

This is a hot ass mess! lol I used China Glaze polish and some colors dissolved well in the water and then again I was being impatient and trying to get a good angle and blah blah. It was pretty messy because I didn't use enough tape to cover my fingers. So I took this water marble off my nails and did something else. Here it is:

Now I like this design! I used China Glaze in white for the base and a the blue was used with the polish with the small brush, I think it's called Stripes or something idk. Will you guys ever try to water marble design? One day I will do it again and be successful!

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