Sunday, March 4, 2012

Motions Shine Pomade

While in the store last week I came across Motions Shine Enhancing Pomade...I think I just bought this product for the hell of it lol. It is pretty awesome for holding your edges in place and adding shine to your strands. I mean it isn't going to keep your hair slicked back like gel but if you are like me trying to lay off the gel it is worth a try. I don't remember the cost but I know it was less than $5.00. It really doesn't feel like a pomade either...then again I don't know what a pomade feels like lol I thought it would have been more thicker or sticker...Anyone ever used this stuff? What are your thoughts?


Kimani Fisher said...

Does it vibrate when you tap the jar? I think I've bougth that before and it's lovely. Feels cool when you apply it to your edges, and lasts a long time. Great purchase!

Vibrant1 said...

Hey Kimani, no it doesn't move at all lol I taped the jar and it just stayed there! But you are right it is a great purchase!