Sunday, March 4, 2012

My relationship with Deodorants

For a majority of my life I have had a love hate relationship with deodorants. I found myself having to change scents every other week, I dealt with excessive sweating, and a lack of freshness by the end of the day. I even used my husbands' deodorant! lol Who wants to smell like rotten juices and berries? lol Not meee! So before my quest to find the perfect deodorant for my body I used Dove. Dove did it's job as long as I didn't stick with the same scent for more than a month! Me and powder fresh didn't match AT ALL lol.

So I looked into more natural deodorants minus ALUMINUM! I came across Arm & Hammer Essentials and Toms. Unfortunately I am totally allergic to whatever is in these two! My armpits were on FIRE burning like hell lol so I had to let them about a waster of money. So guess what? I found my match!!

Crystal Deodorant! YAYYY! OMG! It is hypoallergenic, paraben free, and has NO ALUMINUM! What more could a girl ask for!! lol As you can see the only ingredients is Purified Water and Natural Mineral Salts so it doesn't smell like anything. I usually spray like 5 spritz per pit (lol). I don't smell rotten or dirty and my pits don't burn anymore YAYYY.. Too much info? lol I just wanted to share my story in case someone felt the same way about deodorant. Crystal can be found as a spray or roll on in Walgreens and Wal-Mart. What are your fave deodorants?

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