Friday, August 14, 2009

Fall Semester 2009!!

It's official! The Fall Semester will be starting in 10 days for me! August 24th will be my first day back to school!! I'm working on my Bachelor's Degree with a major in Organizational Management! This semester I'm taking 4 classes; they include Accounting for Non-Accountant Majors, Legal Social Aspects, Management and Leadership, and Human Resource Management! I'll be attending school Monday-Wednesday :) Am I excited? Yes and No! lol My biggest goal this semester is to STOP PROCRASTINATING! See I'm a great student, but my problem is I like to hold off on my homework and do it at the last minute and have tons of study cram session! I'm tired of getting C's! I'm striving to make all A's and B's for the rest of my College career! I have about 7 classes left until I have my B.A. and I plan on walking down that aisle with Honor's! I am challenging myself to do better and obtain more knowledge because the work force is calling my name soon! I'm not excited because I'm not looking forward to these essays lol This should be an exciting journey and I plan on making the best out of it.


Patrice said...

aww that's sooo soon! i'ma miss u & heather when y'all go back =o( haha.. but i forgot to ask how your bday went?

So Tenacious said...

Yayyy & I'm right behind you!! Got 4 more classes until I have my AS & then I need to decide where I'm GOING for the Bachelors! lol