Monday, January 25, 2010

I want these!

The first pair shoes that caught my attention tonight were the Vanhove's over at ALDOSHOES.COM. These shoes come in 4 different colors, and they are priced at $80.00. I picked these two colors because I actually want both pair lol but if I had to choose...ummm...all black please! lol These other pair at the bottom are called the RACETTE and they come in this Taupe color, gray and black. I would buy the Taupe color since I don't own any shoes this color. These are priced at $100.00...SO now you see why I MUST stay out of the mall and evidently off that website!!! If you want to see more go check out ALDO's website. So what do you all think of these?


So Tenacious said...

Both of styles are hawt! I would rawk the gray & pink ones. Can you believe I was supposed to get a job at Aldo in one of the outlets up here? lmao

Anonymous said...

Finally speakin' the truth Miss So Tenacious! lol hehehe