Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What's Your Name?

Why is it so hard for me to approach a complete stranger that I think is very attractive?! I'm still trying to figure this out at the age of 23. What do I say to him? How will he respond? Will he think I'm attractive? All these questions run through by mind when I'm "thinking" about approaching a guy! And then in the background my stomach is doing back flips which is causing more Then I start to think if a guy wants to talk to me he'll approach me himself...WRONG! I've asked a guy for his number ONE time in my life BUT he wasn't a complete stranger, we were class mates...that's another post right there (but I did get the number) lol. So I'm going to start this new adventure! Approaching Guys! What do you guys think?


So Tenacious said...

OMG What did I tell you.. Just a simple, "Hey, how are you?" or something like that can trigger a convo and expand. C'mon woman!

Anonymous said...

just walk up to him and start a convo,you never know he might also like you . :)