Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Lucky Chinese Tag: Eminent Eights

The Lucky Chinese Tag: Eminent Eights

This is my first ever tag! lol haha! The awesome blogger over at tagged everyone that read her responses to the Eminent Eights so now it's my turn yayyy :)

8 Shows I love to watch:
-Cake Boss
-The Hills
-Bizarre Foods
-48 Hours: Hard Evidence
-George Lopez
-Tough Love
-Blue Planet Seas of Life
-Bad Girls Club

8 Favorite places to eat and drink
-Jamaican Cuisine
-Pueblo de Viejo
-Olive Garden

8 things I look forward to
-Seeing my niece Breanna
-Getting my degree
-Being in love
-Having a career
-Traveling the world
-Waking up to see a new day
-Life itself

8 things that happened yesterday
-I made apple crisp
-Worked out at the gym
-Talked to an ex
-Called an old friend
-Laughed with my family
-It rained and I was cold lol
-Went to Wal-Mart
-Played Super Mario Brothers on my Wii

8 Things I love about winter
-Wearing an ugly shirt under a sweater lol
-The fact that the sky is always clear so the stars are visible
-The coziness of my nice warm bed
-Just the cold weather in general
-Hot Cocoa
-Snow...well not in FL but you know lol

8 things on my wishlist
-An expensive camera
-Tinted windows
-More games for the Wii
-My sister and niece to move back to FL :(
-Maintain a high GPA
-Improve at public speaking
-Maybe an awesome boyfriend...shrug* idk...

8 things i'm passionate about
-The Future
-My family
-Shoes :)

8 words/phrases I use often
-I'm so excited!!
-That's awesome!
-Errr idk
-Are you kiddin me!

8 things I have learned from the past
-I can't please everybody
-Everything just isn't going to go the way I think it should...gotta go through something to get to something
-To have a job/money saved before I move EVER
-People will only change because they want to
-Be careful giving second chances
-Procrastination can ruin everything lol
-Don't take everything to heart
-Its always your lost not mine... :)(those guys)lol

8 places I would love to see/visit
-Canada again
-Las Vegas

8 things I currently want/need
-A Career
-More Confidence
-A companion
-Peace to everyone
-My niece Breanna to be with again :(
-The best life for my family

8 people I want to tag: Anyone who visits my blog..even if your anonymous :) send me a link or something to your answers or post as a comment

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