Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What's going on?

Is there anyone else that feels the same way that I do? Sometimes I just don't like my hair! You may be asking yourself, Well why doesn't she like her hair? Well I will tell you why. I've stopped getting relaxers since December 2009 and I don't regret the decision.

Ever since I've stopped getting relaxers I started experiencing hair loss. The first incident occurred when I took micro braids out of my hair. I noticed a quarter size smooth, hairless bald patch in the front of my head and I had no idea where it came from! Eventually the hair grew back and I figured that would be the last I saw of any patches. Man was I wrong.

Fast forward to today, I have 4 patches in my head right now as I type. Two in the front, one HUGE patch in the back, and a small one on the side. They aren't noticeable because I have enough hair to cover them but I can't do certain styles and be fun because of them.

So when I got health insurance from my previous job I went to see a dermatologist in November 2010.  He examined my scalp stated that it wasn't a fungus that it could be Alopecia and told me to get blood work done, which my slow self still hasn't done. Any way, Alopecia is a condition that causes hair loss to the scalp due to some autoimmune condition. You could experience patches like I do, have complete hair loss just on the scalp or hair loss all over the body.

The dermatologist ended up prescribing a prescription for this topical foam that I put on the affected areas of my scalp. The foam promotes hair growth and it has caused the hair to grow at a faster pace than normal. The only problem is Alopecia isn't a curable condition. If it is Alopecia that I have, I will continue to experience hair loss at any given moment.

My grandmother just says I'm stressed and it may be my nerves and that's why I'm experiencing hair loss. I mean there is a possibility that that is the cause of this hair loss but it also could be Alopecia. I have to get blood work done to know for sure what the problem is.

I don't have a problem being chemical free and I love my hair texture and the versatility that I have. I just don't like what's going on with my scalp. Is it stress and my nerves? Or is it Alopecia? All I know is that it's something and that I need to get some solid answers.

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So Tenacious said...

You're gonna have to get the blood work done for your Doctor to be absolutely sure, but I also think it could be a mix of nerves & Alopecia.

Coming from someone who's experienced hair issues most of their life, I do know for a fact that stress is the most cause of hair loss. I have some Stress pills that my Mother gave me, so if they work for me I'll let you know more about them.