Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 1 Blog Challenge

Here are the Top 5 Ways To Win My Heart! There are many other things beyond this list but these are my top 5!

1. I would have to say having a sense of humor is one of the number one ways a guy can win my heart. There is nothing like having a good time with someone and not taking things so seriously all the time! A sense of humor is a must and I believe it's a sexy characteristic. I love to laugh and the guy I'm with has to be the same.

2. Being romantic is another way to win my heart. Romance can be the sweet words a guy says to me or it could be a romantic dinner or flowers, whatever! It makes a girl feel special! Romance should not be reserved just for Valentines Day...which is a Holiday I don't partake in. The little things that count are romantic to me.

3. You must be religious and  keep God first. Most people my age (24) aren't into establishing a spiritual walk with God but I think there is nothing like a man who takes this seriously. I just can't give my heart to someone who doesn't share the same beliefs as myself.

4. I don't think people realize it but there is a difference between intelligence and being educated! I don't care if a man has a degree, but what I do care about is whether or not he is intelligent. If we can talk about anything and he can be open minded to different opinions and topics, he has got me!

5. Lastly but certainly not the least, to win my heart you must be family oriented! If you do have a relationship with your family I think that is a special bond and it carries on when it's time for him to start a family. I adore mine and I need a man that adores his family as well. If he doesn't have family then he must be open to joining mine lol.

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Anonymous said...

I agree! These would also be in my top 5 :)