Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 15 Blog Challenge

My zodiac/ horoscope and if it fits my personality:

Well my birthday is August 8th so that makes me a LEO :) Here are a few characteristics:

Traditional Traits: 
Generous and Warmhearted
Creative and Enthusiastic 
Broad- Mined and Expansive
Faithful and Loving

Dark Side:
Pompous and Patronizing 
Bossy and Interfering 
Dogmatic and Intolerant 

Now I totally disagree with being said to be pompous and patronizing. I am far from that! Now I agree with everything else. As far as being dogmatic, yes I am opinionated but not overbearingly opinionated. I only give my opinion when needed or if it's a topic I feel strongly about. That's it. Most of what I've read about Leo's describes my personality. 

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