Wednesday, June 8, 2011

To Be or Not to Be...

While going through  my blog roll I came across 2 very positive articles on relaxed vs. natural hair and it made me want to add my 2 little cents :)

Contrary to popular belief I do not feel as though women with weaves or relaxed hair want to be white nor do I feel as though they are trying to be something they are not. I also do not feel as though women with natural hair are all organic and eccentric and earthy!

I think those are the most ignorant statements I have ever heard! I was relaxed for mostly all of my life and not one day had I or my family members and friends want to be anything else but African American. Your style is quite frankly your own personal decision.

Most people fail to realize that as young girls we really never knew our own hair. Family members usually choose this choice for us at young ages. I never paid attention to my natural hair until I was 22. I didn't know squat about having naturally curly hair.

I wasn't 16 years old with curly hair saying I want a relaxer because my white friend has long straight hair (but it can happen)! When I made this decision it was because I wanted to change my hairstyle. It was either stay relaxed and do a short hair cut or stop getting relaxers and explore a side of my hair I never knew.

The only problem I have with this is when adults relax childrens hair at very young ages never giving them a chance to know their real texture. As guardians we should educate ourselves and our family members about their hair so that in the future they can make these decisions for themselves.

Children shouldn't be walking around with ponytails the size of my pinky unless there is an underlying medical problem. If you are going to relax a childs hair at least keep it healthy and well kempt.

Furthurmore, it is solely up to you as an individual. I promote healthy hair care. No one should be put down or disrespected because of the way they choose to style their own hair. Focus on your own hair!

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