Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Hills Season 5

So last night was the Season Premiere of Season 5 for The Hills!!! YEAAAHHH lol I have been watching The Hills ever since the very first Season when Lauren moved out to L.A. for Fashion School! As far as a majority of the cast, I remember watching them on Laguna Beach. Okay so this season has already got DRAMA!! I'm not doing a complete run down of Episode 1, I'm just going to state my opinion on a few parts that stuck out to me! First of all WHY is everybody so threatened by Kristin Cavallari? (chick in the pink dress if you don't watch it) They are all talking about her and how she is a "man eater" and they seem scared of this chick!! Then Stephanie Pratt....sigh* (far right) wants to take it upon herself to confront Kristin about talking to Justin Bobby (third dude on the left)! Now Justin is Audrina's ex (second chick on the left). Audrina should be able to speak for herself! Cry baby Stephanie should learn to mind her own business lol. Now another thing...Kristin and Audrina aren't friends so WHY can't she talk to Justin? This whole respect Audrina, and that's against that friend code is wack because Audrina and Kristin aren't even cool like that. Justin is a liar and killed me the whole episode saying him and Audrina were really never a couple any way....sigh* If you saw past episodes you would see differently! Anybody notice that every body is hooking up with each others past boyfriends and girlfriends? I guess there aren't any guys or girls outside of their circle worth dating lol....I'm sorry about rambling on and on about this show but this is my favorite show! lol I'm sure the season is going to be full of drama. On that note, the ladies of The Hills need to "man up" and find cuter guys to argue about! P.S. I hope Lauren is having a drama free life!!

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