Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I do wear sandals!

I bet you all were wondering does she like anything else besides heels and sneakers! Actually I do! lol I like to wear sandals as well, especially in this Florida weather! It is about time for me to get some new sandals because the few that I own are looking pretty rough! Even though these shoes look a little old school I love them! I actually saw a girl in my class with a pair like this and just had to ask where she got them. She actually got her brown pair from Target. The Sandal of the week goes by the names of "Spalla". These are available at ALDO SHOES in four different colors. The colors are purple, yellow, white, black, and blue. Price? They are actually on sale right now for $34.98 ($50.00)! I want to go to ALDO today but I'm afraid they might not have my size again! sigh* maybe I'll just order these online or take myself down to Target and get them for $19.99! I just lose out on this awesome purple color.

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