Friday, September 11, 2009

My twist then and now...

I like to take pictures to show my hair growth and see how much it has grown since my BC back in May! The very first picture is of some twist that I did June 15, 2009 and the second was taken September 10, 2009 SO my hair is growing at a nice little pace! I am excited about it and having fun trying out new styles and what not lol The last picture is what I took this morning after I took the twist out. I like the twist out because I don't have shrinkage like I do when I just pull it back with a headband. It will be 4 months since my BC on the 26th of this month!! (click the pictures to get a closer view) P.S. I know I need a edge in the back BAD lol I'll have my Aunt do it this weekend lol YIKES!

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