Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My shea butter and Herbal Shampoo

About two weeks ago I did a post on a few products that I ordered from the website Butters-n-Bars and said that I would try it and let you all know how it went! Let's start with the Herbal Shampoo! When I washed my hair with this it really lathered up like all shampoos and maybe I left it in a minute to long because when I rinsed it out my hair felt all cottony and dry like other shampoos leave hair...I suppose that's normal?? It did do a great job at leaving my scalp and hair nice and clean! If you do order this please condition after! Now the Shea Butter smells GREAT! And I love the consistency of the butter. It's nice and smooth and it was easy to rub into my hair. I use it as a moisturizer for myself and my niece. I'll try the shampoo again this week and see if I have the same effect as the first time! I do recommend buying these products if you can.

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